Esther Gatón was born in Valladolid (Spain) and lives and works in London. She studied fine art at Saint-Luc Liège Belgium, the University of Barcelona, and Goldsmiths London. And holds a PhD rated cum laude from the Complutense University of Madrid. Esther works across moving image, sculpture and writing.

In 2022, she completed the WIELS Residency in Brussels, and in early 2023 she opened a solo show at CA2M Museum Madrid, curated by Cory John Scozzari. A book published in parallel to this show can be acquired at ICA in London and at WIELS in Brussels. 

Esther has exhibited work in institutions such as CAPC (Bordeaux), Matadero (Madrid), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Patio Herreriano Museum (Valladolid), Navarra University Museum, CA2M Museum (Madrid), Fabra I Coats (Barcelona), Etopía (Zaragoza), Palacio Condes de Gabia (Granada), Laboral Centro de Arte (Gijón), and Sala de Arte Joven (Madrid), TEA (Tenerife), MUSAC (León), and galleries such as The Ryder (London), Intersticio (London), korai (Cyprus), Nordés (Santiago), SB34 The Pool (Brussels), Luis Adelantado (Valencia), Parsec (Bolonia), The Green Corridor (Brussels), Irène Laub (Brussels), The Watch (Berlin), Galería Elba Benítez & Schneider Colao (Madrid), Cibrián (Donostia-San Sebastián), Verão (Lisbon), Crisis (Lima), and South Parade (London), among others. 

She has worked as an honorary collaborator at the Complutense University of Madrid and as a lecturer at Máster Landa in Espositivo, Madrid. She has given talks at Gelatina, Feria Arco, Escuela TAI, InJuve, CAAC Seville and IED Madrid. Her writings have been published La Raya Verde, Nudo ed., University of Alicante, Palfrey Gallery London, El Estado Mental, Materiales Concretos, Nero, A*Desk, and Urbanomic

In 2023, we started abierto, a non-profit project of small encounters, located in South London, that aims to share practices in intimate and cross-disciplinary forms. So far, we have invited Teresa Cos, Amy Jones, Esther Kondo-Heller and Abbas Zahedi. 

Recent awards include Circuitos de las Artes Plásticas, Injuve, The Ayudas Comunidad of Madrid, London Art Council, a-n Bursaries, Veepee Visions of The Future, Generaciones and Guichet Ouvert Brussels.

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